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Dear Valued Willow Fork Members,

First and foremost, please allow me to apologize for the delay in getting some sort of status update to you regarding our clubhouse issues since Hurricane Harvey. I know everyone is curious about the status, and we simply have not been able to work through any potential insurance assistance and details due to the massive workload experienced by all adjusters and carriers. While we did expect this to be a slower than normal process, it has gone on far too long for everyone, and we at CBIGG deeply regret the inconvenience is has caused each of you. I hope to be able to update you with several items in this message. Richard Rowell and his entire team have been incredible throughout this process, doing everything they can to keep the club experience as close as possible to normal, while many of you have continued to experience the hardship associated with this summer’s catastrophe. I hope that those of you affected have been able to at least go to the Club for a short visit with fiends, enjoy golf, tennis or other activities, and get a much needed break from the day to day issues facing everyone.

We continue to work with our insurance carrier on any potential claim related to the clubhouse, however it now appears that most of our issues within the structure of the building will not be covered as hurricane or flood damage. As we removed wet flooring and furniture, plus drywall from the clubhouse after the storm, inspectors from Fort Bend County pulled our permits for food service, and are requiring us to not only replace those affected items, but also make significant changes to the kitchen, bar and restroom areas that previously were not done under prior ownership in order to be code compliant. Those items include removal of all wall surfaces in the kitchen, replacement of any exposed wood, new floor drains and sinks, and other structural items. Much of the kitchen compliance issues are significant in nature and will take the majority of the renovation time. All wood surfaces where food and beverage storage is located within the bar areas must be replaced as well. Combine all of those items, with the newly affected flooring and fixtures, and the cost to get things back to operating standards has significantly increased, and will be in excess of $1 million. I am happy to say however that we hope to receive some sort of compensation from insurance to cover a portion of this, and that our Sr. VP/CEO Randy Jones has agreed to immediately fund the remainder of the expenses so we can begin restoration. We have just this week finalized a contractor, and hope to begin work in the next 10 days or so. Once started, with demolition of the kitchen and all of the other required workload, our goal is to have this fully complete, inspected and functional within a 60-90 day time frame. As work begins, the clubhouse will remain open for restroom service, so you can also have the opportunity to peek in and see the scope of work and the progress.

In the spirit of total transparency, we have heard many feel we will have an insurance windfall, including business interruption funding, as a result of the storm. Unfortunately for CBIGG as well as each of you, this simply is not the case. Many carriers are treating the flooding as exactly that, a flood, rather than damage from a hurricane which would have triggered a different set of coverage limits. This alone impacts businesses like ours significantly with our claim, but when combined with the fact that both the Barker and Addicks reservoirs are in play here, it unfortunately reduces our ability to be made completely whole at Willow Fork as well as our other Houston area properties. However, we are remaining positive and committed to doing everything we can to restore Willow Fork to an even better condition than before, hopefully with some design improvements as well, although some other properties such as Bear Creek may or may not fare as well.

Our plan is simple now that we know where we stand. We hope to begin demolition and restoration within the next 10 days. We are working with our contractor to expedite all work, even at times double shifting, etc. in order to get our entire Club open for you as quickly as possible. While some areas will simply be out of sight to many, we hope that new finishes and furniture will be a fresh and welcome site to each of you once we can all get back to normal operating procedures. In the meantime, we’ll work to provide as much normal activity as possible. Willy Plowman and his team have done an incredible job of getting the golf course back into great shape. Our bunker renovation project has stalled somewhat, again due to the storm and the workload pushed upon the contractor, but we expect to see that completely ramped up to full speed again in the next week or so, with an anticipated completion date of December 1.

Our thoughts continue to go out to those of you who were affected by flood waters, including many of our Willow Fork staff. Many of you contributed to our Employee Relief Fund via a GoFundMe page, and for that we are extremely grateful. We’re proud to say that many of our Willow Fork staff members, as well as other CBIGG employees, received over $50,000 in assistance to date, with half of that coming directly from the President of our Company in China. These people are our most valued assets, and we continue to want to support and help them through these tough times.

Thank you for your past and continued support of Willow Fork. Your patience and understanding have been incredible, and it’s your support and belief in the Club that makes it one of the best places to be in the area. We look forward to providing more enjoyment for you in the near future. Thanks to each of you for remaining Houston Strong!

Dale Folmar
Vice President of Operations
CBIGG Management





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